Founders of La Société Jersiaise

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Founders of La Societe Jersiaise


Durell Lerrier, founder member and first president

Durell Lerrier

Durell Lerrier, founder member and first president of the Société

William Laurence de Gruchy

William Laurence de Gruchy (1838-1920) was a Jurat, Constable of St Helier and co-founder of the Société.

He and Jurat Le Gros were founders of the Société. They formed their plans, and then called a meeting of all who might be interested, and in 1873 they got the society started. For the first ten years of its existence de Gruchy was its honorary treasurer. In 1875 he was called to the Bar at Gray's Inn, and in 1876 was elected Constable of St Helier. In 1878 he became a Jurat.

C P Le Cornu

Charles Philip Le Cornu was a founder member of the Société and its president from 1882 to 1895.

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