Iles Chausey

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Iles Chausey


There is some suggestion that the sparsely populated Chausey Isles to the south-east of Jersey were once administered as part of the Channel Islands, but no records to positively prove this. Today they are a popular weekend destination for island boat owners, geographically part of the Channel Islands but under French administration

Chausey cottages

15 June 2012

This picture was supplied to Jerripedia with the caption 'Jersey fishermen's cottages, Chausey' The buildings are not those which are familiar in pictures of the Minquiers reef, which lies about half way between Jersey and Chausey, so it must be assumed that this is an early photograph or drawing (the quality is not good enough to be certain) of les iles Chausey, and that these are French fishermen's cottages. There is some evidence that Chausey was, in Roman times, considered as part of the Channel Islands, but although they are inhabited today and attract thousands of day-trippers through the summer, for a long period they afforded only a temporary home for fishermen operating out of Granville and nearby ports on the French coast. There is no evidence of any strong link between the Channel Islands and Chausey in Norman times which might have caused Chausey to have become English possessions after the loss of mainland Normandy by King John, and Chausey has remained resolutely French over the centuries
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