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Jersey houses

La Retraite, St Ouen


Building with early origins and various phases of development from circa 15th-19th centuries

Property name

La Retraite

Other names

La Retraite Cottage


Ruette des Mannaies, St Ouen

Type of property

Country cottage


The property was sold for £775,000 in July 2020

Families associated with the property

Historic Environment Record entry

La Retraite consists of a main house to the south, with La Retraite Cottage to the north and a central courtyard. The HER entry refers solely to La Retraite Cottage.

The HER entry includes these details under the neighbouring property Auberive, Ruette des Mannaies which lies to the east, although the two are entirely separate.

Building with early origins and various phases of development from circa 15th-19th centuries, retaining historic character and features.

Research suggests that the west gable fireplace dates to the 17th century. Current interpretation is that the building began as a detached kitchen, with possible circa 1400-1450 origins, which was converted into a cottage in 17th century and then re-fronted in the 19th century. This is one of only three buildings in Jersey interpreted as a detached medieval kitchen.

2 storey, 4 bay house. Front (south) elevation: slate roof with stone chimney on west gable only. Random stone construction with sturdy quoins, and dressed stone openings 19th century. Rear (north) elevation: slate roof. Small random stone construction with pierre perdu mortar. Wide central chamfered stone entrance door (now blocked) with a matching window above and a small vent opening at the east gable.

Gable (east) elevation: small random stone construction, ground level entrance opening (now partially blocked) with doorway above, once served by stone stairs, and a recent window opposite. West extension and farm buildings to south and west.

Central entrance, single pile. There is a stone fireplace on the west gable with a corbel and chamfered uprights (left side) of 17th century origin, and a 19th century bread-oven inserted on the (right side) that reuses a joggle stone, possibly from the medieval bi-partite fireplace once at the opposite end, the lintel is 19th century timber.

The east gable medieval fireplace has been filled in with recent stonework, but the left side compartment recess survives with integral lip (presumably for a water receptacle) and steam-vent.

Notes and references

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