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Photographic archive
of La Société Jersiaise


The Photographic Archive of the Société Jersiaise contains over 125,000 items dating from the mid-1840s to the present day and is the principal Jersey collection of 19th and early 20th-century photography

Origins and development

The Société Jersiaise was formed in 1873. Included in its founding objectives were the creation of a museum and library. Publication of a Bulletin Annual commenced in 1875, and an annex to the society’s second Annual Report for 1876 drew the attention of members to the importance of a number of important subjects including, ‘Recording in permanent photography local prehistoric monuments, buildings and ruins.’

With the practice and collecting of photography already identified as priorities, these activities were continued as significant parts of the society’s museum and library. Multiple interests in the medium of photography, as a method for recording research, as documentary and scientific records and as an independent art form are actively maintained by society members to the present day. These patterns of development, established over more than 140 years, have resulted in the accumulation of a photographic archive which is remarkable in its insular context

Online collection

A substantial number of images in the Société archive are available online through their website and the joint catalogue search with Jersey Heritage. They can be searched by subject, photographer, and names. Although the collection is significantly larger than Jerripedia's own digital photography archive, which contains nearly 75,000 images (not all photographs), the Jerripedia collection is the largest online, because by no means the whole of the Société collection is accessible, and many images which are online are unnamed portraits by 19th century photographers.


Digital and printed copies of the Société archive's images can be purchased for various uses. Prices are shown in the website.

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