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Sir Anthony Ughtred was the first husband of Elizabeth Seymour, sister of Henry VIII's wife Jane Seymour

Sir Anthony Ughtred - Governor of Jersey 1532-1534

Sir Anthony Ughtred, born in about 1478, was Governor of Berwick and served in the Scottish wars. He was appointed Governor of Jersey in 1532 and died two years later and was buried, with Sir Thomas Ovray, in the crypt of St George's Chapel, Mont Orgueil.

Most biographies show him as the third son of Sir Robert Ughtred and Katherine, daughter of Sir William Eure of Stokesley, Yorkshire. They both died in 1487, while Sir Anthony was still young. Some online family trees show them as Sir Anthony's grandparents, but the family tree we have assembled suggests that they were his parents. Based in Yorkshire, the lineage of the Ughtreds extended back to the early 13th century. Sir Thomas Ughtred, summoned to the House of Lords in April 1344, assured their place as one of the leading families in the area.


Anthony Ughtred served both Henry VII and Henry VIII as a soldier and military administrator. He took part in Edward Poynings's campaign to subdue Ulster, leading a troop of 27 soldiers in 1496. Knighted at Eltham in 1512, he participated in Edmund Howard's naval expedition to Brittany in August 1512 and as captain of the Mary James distinguished himself in the raid on Brest. He accompanied King Henry to France in July 1513 and was appointed marshal of Tournai after the city's fall in September, at which post he remained until February 1515.


For the next 17 years Ughtred served as captain of Berwick. Few appointments were more challenging. As the most northerly of England's garrison towns, Berwick played a key role in the defence of the Anglo-Scottish border. Ughtred was responsible for organizing Berwick's defences and with intelligence gathering and played a key role in the frequent negotiations that took place between the two countries.

While he was Governor of Berwick, in 1515, Margaret, Queen of Scotland, sister of Henry, tried to take refuge there. She was pregnant and took flight with her second husband, Lord Angus, of the regime of the Regent Albany. But Sir Anthony had received orders to admit no one from Scotland without a safe conduct, not even the King's sister. The Queen and her party had to take sanctuary at Coldstream Priory.


In August 1532 he exchanged one outpost for another, replacing Sir Hugh Vaughan at the Mont Orgueil Castle as captain and governor of Jersey, a position he held until his death. He appointed a Lieut-Governor in 1533, but his name is not known.


At an unknown date he married Elizabeth Seymour, sister to Jane, Henry VIII's third wife, with whom he had at least one son, Henry, born in Jersey. Ughtred died in Jersey on 6 October 1534 and was buried in the chapel of St George, Mont Orgueil. His wife survived him.

The Rev J A Messervy in his list of Governors published in the Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise in 1901, notes that Ughtred, the son of Sir Henry Ughtred and Agnes Constable, married the mother of Anne Boleyn (Elizabeth Howard), but he is widely recognised to have married Elizabeth Seymour, sister of another of Henry VII's Queens, Jane Seymour. Jane and Elizabeth served as maids of honour to Henry's second wife, Anne Boleyn, who was their second cousin. The Seymours gained wealth and power as Henry's attentions turned to Jane. On 30 May 30, eleven days after Anne's execution, Henry and Jane were married.

The Ughtreds had two surviving children:

  • Sir Henry Ughtred, born in Jersey, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Paulet, 2nd Marquess of Winchester, widow of Sir William Courtenay. He was elected as a member of parliament for Marlborough in 1584 and Great Bedwyn in 1589, during the reign of Elizabeth I. He was knighted by the Lord Deputy of Ireland in 1593. He and his wife were in Ireland in 1598, and disappeared in October while fleeing the rebels during the hostilities of that year. No later reference to them has been found.
  • Margery Ughtred, born in Kexby,Yorkshire, probably after her father's death, married William Hungate of Burnby,Yorkshire.
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