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Governor 1795-1796
Sir George Howard


Appointed Governor at the age of 77, Field Marshal Sir George Howard died two years later. He probably never visited Jersey

Field Marshal Sir George Howard (1718-1796) was a British military officer.


Born the son of Thomas Howard and his wife Mary, Howard participated in the American Revolution, and before attaining the rank of field marshal, he commanded various regiments, including the 3rd Regiment of Foot, the 1st (The King's) Dragoon Guards, and the 7th (The Queen's Own) Regiment of Dragoons. He became field marshal on 12 October 1793, and was previously made a Privy Councillor and a Knight of the Bath. He served in the House of Commons as Member of Parliament for Lostwithiel from 1761 to 1766 and for Stamford from 1768 until his death.

He was also Governor of the Royal Hospital Chelsea from 1768 until 1795.

Little is known about his role as Governor of Jersey, even whether he actually visited the island. John Small had already been in place as Lieut-Governor from 1793, and continued in office until 1796, when the death of Sir George Howard led to the appointment of a new Governor and Lieut-Governor.

Predecessor Successor
Henry Seymour Conway
1772 - 1795
Sir George Howard
Marquess Townshend
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