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Users of this website should be aware that it is now over 12 years since it was launched and some of its content is inevitably out of date

Our resources are limited and there is always a compromise between reviewing existing content and adding new material. A review of all content was launched in 2022 and we are gradually working our way through over 13,000 pages, checking to see that they remain relevant and accurate.

A major problem is broken links to external sites. Many pages we have linked to in the past have either been renamed as sites are restructured, or deleted, or the whole website has ceased to exist. As we review our pages, all external links are checked and broken links deleted. Unfortunately we just do not have time to go searching for the content in a restructured third party site.

Deleted pages

In the course of this review we are coming across pages which have been detatched from our own menu structure, because they are no longer relevant. These are principally lists of baptisms and births, which are no longer required on family pages because we provide direct access to a search of our database for individual family names. The old lists are long out-of-date, many incomplete or containing inaccuracies. They are now being deleted because they have been inaccessible within the site's structure for a number of years.

Inevitably some users will have bookmarked these pages and perhaps a few return to them from time to time as they update their research. We are sorry that they will no longer be able to access these bookmarked pages, but we would much prefer them to use the database, which has been much expanded over time and is still undergoing regular reviews to correct errors and add more details of church family records.

Family trees

As a matter of general policy we are not retaining any pages which are not linked to from elsewhere in the site, but we are retaining most, but not all, family trees, with links from family pages and tree indexes, as a courtesy to those who supplied them. If a tree has been found to contain significant inaccuracies since it was added to the site, it may be deleted, or retained with a clear indication that it is not to be fully trusted and an indication of which more recent trees for the same family have been found to be more accurate.

Site users should be aware that our family trees are undergoing continuing review and hardly a day passes when more details are not added to one or more trees. Although we continue to remind those researching their family history not to rely exclusively on other people's trees, we continue to grow in confidence that our trees surpass any found on other websites for their overall standard of accuracy and detail of information.

Internal links

While links to other websites present us with an ongoing headache, we continue to add more and more internal links. Most family trees contain links to at least one other tree, and these links work in both directions. There are also links to other relevant articles, including biographies of individuals in the trees. These other pages also contain links back to the family trees. Family pages and trees have links to properties associated with the family, and property profiles contain links to other pages providing information about those who have lived in them.

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