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Historic Jersey buildings

Avranches Farm, St Lawrence


This property has a tourelle staircase of late construction - mid-18th century

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Property name

Avranches Farm Avranche Farm - the gateposts at the main entrance to the property are engraved Avranche Farm, which is a mistake. The spelling should be Avranches, the same as Avranches Manor, both properties, and the road, named after the Normandy town of Avranches.


Ruette d'Avranches, St Lawrence

Type of property

18th century farmstead


The property was offered for sale in 2019 for £3.25 million

Families associated with the property


IGB ♥ MDP 1767, representing Jean Gibaut and Marie Du Pré, both of St Lawrence, who were married in St Helier in October 1747. They appear to have had just the one son, Jean, born in 1748.

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A 18th century farm house and associated farm buildings, with earlier origins, retaining some original features and character. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Old Jersey Houses

The property has a brief reference in the first volume, which is only supposed to feature houses up to 1700, with nothing further in the second volume:

"A tourelle staircase was reported for this house, [1]but would not have been suspected from the outside. The steps of the stairway are not monoliths, but composed of three or four pieces, and are now cemented over and painted. It is an example of late construction, perhaps about 1750. It supports the theory that the tourelle staircase continued to be constructed after the traditional round arched house went out of fashion.

Notes and references

  1. Not only was a tourelle staircase reported for the house, but it is still there. This is a classic example of the author writing a brief article in her books about a property she had clearly not been able to visit. There is a marked contrast in detail and accuracy between the articles on the houses Mrs Stevens visited and recorded in considerable detail, and those which were included in the books in an apparent attempt to 'make up the numbers'.
Property owners are free to call their home whatever they like, but when it shares its name with the road outside, a nearby manor and a Normandy town, surely they could get the spelling correct on their gateposts
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