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Lieut-Governor Hugh Suteley Gough
Lieut-Governor Gough leaves in 1910

Major-General Hugh Sutley Gough (1848 – 1920) was a British Army officer who became Lieut-Governor of Jersey.

Military career

Gough joined the Royal Navy in 1862 and then transferred to 10th Royal Hussars in 1868. He was appointed Aide-de-camp to the Commander-in-Chief, India in 1876 and then served in Afghanistan and Egypt before commanding 3rd Mounted Rifles for the Bechuanaland expedition in 1884. He became Commanding Officer of 18th Royal Hussars in 1889 and Assistant Adjutant for Cavalry in 1893 before being made Lieut-Governor of Jersey in 1904 and retiring in 1910.

He lived at Llechweddygarth Hall in Montgomeryshire.He was also Deputy Lieutenant of Caernarvonshire.


In 1886 he married Beatrice Sophia Henning; they had a son and a daughter.


This article is taken from the Wikipedia biography of Hugh Gough.

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