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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Patrimoine, St Lawrence


In the early 1960s, having already been restored after a fire earlier in the century, the magnificent thatched roof suffered more severe damage and the house was entirely rebuilt in a totally different style. One of these two gatehouses was demolished at the same time

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Property name

Le Patrimoine [1]

Other names

  • Le Patrimoine Farm
  • Le Patrimoine Gatehouse
  • Patrimoine Mill


Mont de La Chesnaie, St Lawrence

Type of property

House with 17th century origins, demolished and replaced after second major fire


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Bosdet
  • Bonhomme - The history of this house, once owned by the renowned stained glass artist Henry Thomas Bosdet, can probably be traced back to the 17th century, when the Rector of St Lawrence, Josue Bonhomme, bought 'Le Patrimoigne' [2]. It was inherited by his son Jean when he died in 1627
  • Langlois - in 1790 Jean Langlois, son of Jean, son of Paul from Guernsey was described as owner of 'Le Patrimoyne', which he sold in 1794...
  • Walker - ... it then passed to William Hovenden Walker ...
  • Luce - ... Emily Matilda Lucas, the wife of Doctor Charles Ducat, wanted to sell the property to the States for a lunatic asylum, but it was sold to William Patriarche instead ...
  • Patriarche - ... William Philippe Patriarche. Philippe Patriarche suffered badly from gout and was known as Le Diable Boiteux, the lame devil.
  • Bisson - In 1941 Francis Edward Bisson (1905- ) was living here with his mother Louisa Ann Bisson, nee du Feu (1869- ), his wife Ivy May, nee Malzard (1910- ), their daughter Lilian May and son Francis Edward

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Gatehouse: An unusual mid-late 19th century Gothic style gatehouse retaining original features and character. This is the remaining lodge of a pair at the entrance of the treelined avenue to La Patrimoine (the original house of likely 17th century origins, since demolished). The second lodge was demolished in the 1960s. Small single storey gate lodge in basilica form with half round ends. Slate roof. Rendered. Irregularly sized windows with pointed heads. Timber casement windows. Timber door on east end, with pointed head.

Farm: Circa 19th century farmstead, shown on the 1935 ordnance survey map as regular courtyard, L-plan, with detached house. Originally part of group with La Patrimoine.

Old Jersey Houses

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In 1840 a 15-ton vessel was built in woodland at Le Patrimoine and rollers were used to transport it about two miles to the sea for launching, probably at Bel Royal

Notes and references

  1. There is some dispute as to whether this property should be Le Patrimoine or La Patrimoine. Both spellings are found, and in a current almanac, Le Patrimoine Farm is listed alongside La Patrimoine. There is no doubt that the French word patrimoine, meaning 'inheritance' is masculine and the properties should all be Le Patrimoine
  2. They are believed to be one and the same property, but the link cannot be established beyond doubt
A 19th century photograph by Ernest Baudoux

The surviving gatehuse

The farm

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