Mont Orgueil Castle garrison soldiers in the 14th century

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Soldiers garrisoned at
Mont Orgueil Castle
in the 14th century


These lists of men at Mont Orgueil Castle were transcribed by Winston Pinel from a larger treatise 14th century Attacks on the Channel Islands by Humphrey Godfray. The article was first published in the bulletin of the Channel Island Family History Society. Missing names were not in the transcriptions

Humphrey Godfray

Humphrey Marett Godfray was born on 2 October 1863 in St Lawrence, the son of Walter Bertram Godfray and Frances Sophia Marett. A Victoria College gold medallist, he went up to Oxford, was president of the Union, took a law degree and was called to the Jersey Bar in 1887.

An extraordinary scholar and intellectual by any standard, he researched and transcribed many ancient documents relating to the island of his birth. He succeeded his father as States Greffier in 1889 - the youngest ever to hold this position.

He died at the Belvedere Hill, St Saviour, home of his widowed mother, of a typhoid fever complicated by pneumonia, aded just 28.

The men

The men listed as serving at Mont Orgueil in 1337 and 1338 (their names written in the Latin form) are mostly of Norman or Plantagenet allegiance, and many of the names exist in Jersey today. It is probably that these garrisons, ordered by Edward III, were the origins of the Jersey Militia that was more or less maintained for 500 years.

It appears that some of the men did not have family names, and were recorded as 'Philippus de Groville' to indicate their parish of origin, or simply 'Willis de Lisle' to indicate that they were islanders.

According to the accounts of Thomas de Ferriers, Warden of the Isles, soldiers' daily pay was:

  • Men-of-arms 6d
  • Crossbowmen 3d
  • Archers 2d

20 June to 29 Septmber 1337

8 men of arms

Droci de Barentin Jordani de Barentin John del Hogh Jord Pain Radulphi lempriere Radi Turgis Philippi Pipelow Willi Bradfer

37 Crossbowmen

Willi Teyler Willi Dewe Willi Hole Willi Ludelowe Ricardi Hoyon Jonis Leman Droci de la Hogh Jonis Carteret
Jonis Braben Phi Gascoin Thome Lulage Oliveri Caket're Nicni Pilot Jonis Augres Roberti de St Martin Richardi Petyt
Willi Castelien Jonis Jourdan Philippe Assul Coll Corbel Jonis Selle Coke Larchei Roberti Pipet Willi Lempriere
Willi Astein Petri de la Hogh Citefre Willi de St Hillar Allani Bourdon Ramundi Crepel Jordani Vivean Michis Gascoyn Coll Mabon
Willi Artur Jonis Anlec Henrici de Glocester Mathei de la Court

20 archers

Coll Laffoley Henrici Nicoll Willi Levesq Radulphi Le Grenetier Roberti de la Sale Richardi Picot Jonis Sub Monte Radulphi Peynell
Willi Pergee Jonis Marchant Willi Neel Jonis Amy Willi Lecu Radulphi Gruchy Willi Le Grenetier Salvatoris Martini
Jonis Astein Petri Hardy Jonis Gaudin Stephani Vinches

30 September to 24 December 1337

Jonis de Barentin, Constable

8 men of arms

Droci de Barentin Jordani de Barentin Jonis de l'Hogh Jordani Pain Radulphi Lemprier Radykogu Torgis Willi Bradfer Philippi Pipelowe

44 crossbowmen

Guilli Taylor Willi Hole Willi Dewe Willi Ludelowe Ricardi Horn Jonis Le Man Jonis de Carteret Phi de Brabant
Petri de la Hogh Petri Gascoyn Thome Lulage Oliveri Kaket're Nichi Pilot Philippi de Augres Radulphi de St Martin Droci de la Hogh
Willi Castelein Willi Johan Roberti Godel Jonis Jordan Philippi Ascoul Coll Corbel Jonis Selle Willi Nain
Guielmi Lempriere Roberti Pipet Yoret de Barentin Philippi Nicole Willi Astein Jonis Cuttefry Jonis Castel Jonis Burdon
Willi de St Hillar Alani Burdon Coll Mabon Jonis Anlec Radi Crepel Jordani Vivean Willi Rosel Michaelis Gascoyn
Willi Arthur Henrici de Glocestre Mathei de la Court Willi Fisher

22 archers

Ricardi Petit Willi de Vergeye Henrici Nichi Will Levesq Radulphi Le Grenetier Richardi Picot Willi le Cu Coll Doele
Radulphi Pynel Coll Loiro Philippe Horman Gulielmi Neel Jonis Amy Guilli de Sammarez Radulphi Grussy Jonis Astein
Jonis Ablast Jonis Le Marchant Clementis Auncell Petri Le Hardy Stephi de Vincheles Michaelis Trenchard

26 March to 10 September 1338

Jones de Barentin

8 men of arms

8 men with armour and helmets

Jones Swaynton Peroninus de Garris

56 Crossbowmen

Jonas Bylesmer Jones Augres snr Robtus Pulleyn Willis Lampriere Baron Willis de lisle Philippus de Groville Jones de la Baleyn Jones de Bwedewyn
Jones Maumys Drocus Lempriere Robtus Trafford

11 to 29 September 1338

Sir Reginald de Carteret

12 men of arms

Droci Barentyn Jordani Barentin Willi Bradfer Jonis de l'Hogh Jordaini Payn Radulphi Lempriere Radulphi Torgis Philippi Pipelowe
Willi Hole Willi Carteret Willi de Vincheles

6 men with armour and helmets

Willi Hole Willi fil Regin Willi Loiro Hugenis de Beumont Petri de Gascoin Stephani Trafford

115 crossbowmen

Col Larcher Ad Taillefer Roberti Trafford Rogeri de Garderobe Jonis de Swaynton Willi Taylor Willi Ludelowe Willi Dewe
Richardi Horne Jonis Man Jonis Braban Thome Lulage Nichi Perot Jones Augres Radulphi de St Martyn Druti de la Hoge
Ricardi Le Petit Willi Chastelain Roberti Godel Jonis Jordan Philippe Ascul Henrici Glocestrie Willi Lempriere Baronis Philipe Nicolle
Willi Astein Philippi de la Hogue Willi de St Hillaire Raimundi Crepel Jordani Vivian Michaelis Gascoyn Coll Mallon Willi Arthur
Jonis Anlec Jonis Augres snr Stephani Bertram Thorne Bagot Galdfer Julian Colini Robin Druti Lempriere Lonis de la Pole
Mathei de la Court Willi Fleicher Philippe Augres Jonis Le Moigne Thorne Faredon Philippe Nicolle jnr Henrici Payn Elier de Samareys
Willi Bollard Willi de Paris Philippe de la Houge Willi Lempriere de St Germain Richardi Bagot Coll Bertlet Willi de Lisle Jonis Moris
Mathei Castel Coll de Gascoyn Radulphi Seneschal Herblot Divant Petri Augres Guilli Aye Philippi Baron Clerk Radulphi Myre
Guille Le Petit Philippi Loiro Philippi Galichan Philippi de Grouville Guilli Le Courtier Michis Palot Jonis Nicol Richardi filii ejus
Petri Lorfeuour Jordani Hugon Philippe Julian Coll Normandie Philippe Le Petit Roberti Gavin Petri Nichol Tho Lempriere
Col Palot Guillyn Gois Tho Morfachi Jonis Michel Willi Augres Petri Levesque Jonis Gaudin Richardi Syvret
Willi de Pount snr Galfr Le Serkeys Robti Michel Jonis Le Bas Willi Payn Richardi Le Cras Jonis Ascul Jonis Lempriere
Yones Ph Petri Le Hiegh Roberti Bradfer Coll de la Hague Philippi de St Pierre Robti Anlec Petri Walter Richardi Rous
Radulphi Diuis Droci de St Hillaire Petri de Gouerc Richardi de Pount Willi de Perchard Jordani Harel Drueti Payn Philippi Langlois
Coll Tourgis Philippe Le Petit Rogeri Horman

87 archers

Willii de Vergeye Coll Lasteley Henrici Nicol Coll Corbel Alain de Grenetier Ric Le Chevalier Jonis Breton Roberti de la Sale
Ricardi Picot Jonis sub Monte Willi Le Cu Colini Dole Radulphi Pynel Coll Lero Philippe Horman Jonis Castel
Jonis Marchant Guilli Neel Jonis Amy Guilli de Samarez Radulphi de Gruchy Willi Le Genetire Salvatoris Martin Jonis Astein
Jonis Ablaster Clementis Auncel Petri Le Hardy Stephani de Vincheles Jordani Mauger Coll Conyart Michaelis Trenchard Monn Le Gascoyn
Symon Gosselin PhilippI Baron Jonis de la Moye Radulphi Le Meter Phi Nicoll jnr Thome de Monte Coll Jalle Laurenti Jordan
Jonis Le Cerf Jonis Justical Trypie Jonis Hamount Richard Normaunt Jordani Roze Philippe Burgillon Galfr le Cu Henrici Laureneys
Jonis Beket Jonis de Val Luc le Grenitier Guilli Lulage Jonis Hauroye Jord le Tykeward Guilli de Falloyos Petri Le Rascot
Thome Phelip Petri de Samares Guille Galichien Jonis Le Jardroy Guilli Pynel Guilli Lempriere Gabaret Jonis Le Novel Jonis Saruay
Philippi Falle Thome Mason Jonis Le Cras Radulphi Turreys Tho Gardyn Willi Taupyn Petri Yelmay Jonis de Boley
Oliveri Martin Roberti de Ketevill Guilli de Kenerill Coll Le Broke Jonis Estur Philippi Sarre Coll Terreyen Jordani de Marreys
Petri de Val Willi Crasbarre Petri Hamount Coll Coroneye Petri Vibert Thome Toket
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