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This page contains a growing index to our pages of articles selected from island newspapers of the past.

It also contains links to magazine articles about Jersey published at various times in the 20th century

The written history of Jersey is heavily dominated by wars and politics. Few historians have delved very far into the social history of the island.

Jerripedia has, since its launch, attempted to put that right, but with limited sources to turn to, it has been a struggle to make significant progress, particularly with the editor and principal editorial contributors not resident in the island, and having no access to library and archive resources.

Composite news pages

This situation is now being remedied by the introduction of content from Jersey newspapers. We started in 2019 looking back almost two centuries ago through the pages of the Jersey Times of 1848, followed soon after by a weekly 100-years-ago review of the news in the Evening Posts of the 1920s. We then added news from the Jersey Independent in 1855 and 1873, and the Evening Post and Morning News from the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939, onwards.

The project had to be suspended in April 2020 because access to the Public Library was restricted during the Covid lockdown, but was resumed later in the year, on a more limited basis, 'newspaper pages' being added on a once-a-week basis, alternating between 1848 and 1920.

A further break during 2021, occasioned by Covid restrictions and pressures of other work on the website, lasted until November, when we resumed the project with a look back at the news 100 years ago in 1921. We would like to resume coverage of other periods, but the production of a page is very labour-intensive and for the time being we are just producing a single page every fortnight.

Hedley's diary

In alternate weeks were have resumed the publication of Hedley Clement's diary of the events in the weeks and months following the Liberation of Jersey from German Occupation in May 1945. That diary is based on the pages of the Evening Post at the time.

Jersey Times

Evening Post

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News editions

Please note that there are gaps in these editions, featured as 100 years ago this week when first added, because of lockdown restrictions during the Covid pandemic






Jersey Independent



Magazine articles

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Making model boats and sailing them at the Havre des Pas pool was a popular hobby in 1907, as shown in this page of photographs from the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News
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