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11 King Street


Battle of Flowers entry in 1903 by the Renoufs

No 11: the photograph shows how important it is to look upwards, to first floor level and above, when assessing the importance of the buildings in St Helier's streets. Modern shopfronts can be very misleading


The first business to trade from 11 King Street was Charles Le Masurier's grocery, which was already open in 1833. The 1841 census shows Charles (1806- ) living there with his wife Frances (1801- ), and children Elizabeth (1833- ), James (1834- ), Mary (1837- ) and Richard (1838- ).

It is something of a mystery what happened to the business and the family between 1841 and 1851, because the later census shows no sign of any of them living in Jersey and the only occupants of No 11 were GP John Lean, shipwright John Vaudin and Irish labourer Patrick Lehan, and their families.


The next record of a business at No 11 in 1874, when Charles George Renouf is shown running a grocery, and this business continued there until the 1900s, eventually run by Charles George's son Charles Stephen. The Renoufs specialised in tea.

By 1912 John Tregear had taken over dealing in provisions, and he remained for nearly two decades, before Au Caprice acquired the property and established their fancy goods and perfumery business, which ran for half a century from 1940 to 1990.

John Tregear also traded at 25 King Street, where he opened an oriental tearoom on the first floor of the premises, not here at No 11 as previously shown.

The building

Historic Environment Record entry:This building shows signs of a core of an early date. As it stands at present the building contributes to the character of the streetscape in its scale and material details. Two storey with attic, three bay. Front elevation: cement fibre slate mansard roof with three box dormers. Ground floor shop front is modern and not of interest. To the rear of this building, also linked with it, is the wing of 14 Royal Square (now including tourelle of that house), shown in The Town of St Helier by Edmund Nicolle. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. The exceptionally wide stair indicates an early date, as does a six-panel door in the ground floor passage.

Chronology [1]

  • 1833 - C Le Masurier, grocers and spirts dealer
  • 1851 - Occupants listed in census were GP John Lean, shipwright John Vaudin and his family, and Irish labourer Patrick Lehan and his family
  • 1861 - unoccupied in census
  • 1871 - not listed in census
  • 1874-1900 - Charles George Renouf, grocer
  • 1903 - Charles Stephen Renouf, grocer
  • 1912-1930 - John Tregear, provision dealer
  • 1940-1990 - Au Caprice, fancy goods then perfumer
  • 2000 - Evans

Notes and references

  1. Many of the start and end dates given for businesses are approximate. As more business advertisements and other records are discovered the dates can be adjusted
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