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12 King Street


King Street in 1903 showing Nos 6 to 16 behind blinds on the right

Along with Nos 8, 10 and 14, 12 King Street was redeveloped in the 1870s to become Noel and Porter, and again in the 1960s to become British Home Stores.

The first trader at No 12 was hatter John Nicolle, who was followed by bootmaker George Le Bailly, jeweller Joseph Collenette from Guernsey, and another hatter, Fanny Manning, before Noel and Porter took over.

A 1841 census return for the premises shows the head of household at No 12 as Joseph Quint (1806- ), a mariner born in England. Living with him were his wife Margaret (1807- ) and 'brother' (perhaps brother-in-law) George Le Bailly (1812- ), and George's son John (1832- )

However, there is a further record in the 1841 census confirming that John Nicolle (50) was still there, with his wife Ann (45), and children Joseph (25), Thomas (20), John (15), Edward (12) and Edmund (5). It now appears that George Le Bailly's presence at No 12 was not long-lived, because an advertisement shows that Mr Duggin's tea and coffee warehouse was present there in 1853


  • 1834 - John Nicolle, hatter
  • 1841 - John Nicolle, hatter
  • 1851 - George Le Bailly, bootmaker
  • 1853 - London and Jersey Tea and Coffee Warehouse
  • 1860 - Joseph Collenette (of Guernsey), jeweller
  • 1871 - Fanny Manning, hatter
  • 1880-1965 - Noel and Porter
  • 1970-date - British Home Stores


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