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Historic Jersey buildings

13 Royal Square


This is the first property next to the road running along the north of the square. It's neighbour many years ago was

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This photograph, dated 1872, shows No 13, the three bay light coloured building four from the right. Beyond it is the York Hotel, which was in Vine Street, despite what adverts stated

Property name

13 Royal Square


Royal Square, St Helier

Type of property

Former town house. Office accommodation for members of the legal profession during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The development of 20th century legal partnerships can be traced through the almanac entries below

1922 advert for the York Hotel in the Royal Square - except it was more correctly in Vine Street, although overlooking the square

Families associated with the property

Census returns

  • 1861 - York Inn, George Syvret (70) innkeeper and Queen’s Prevot, Jane Romeril, widowed daughter (32), employed by Parish of St Helier, grandsons Edward (11) and George (7) [1]
  • 1871 - David Canning (23), innkeeper with wife Amelia (21) and daughter Nelly (6 months)
  • 1881 - Eliza Le Feuvre, nee Le Cras (34) seamstress
  • 1891 - William Pullen (36) furniture dealer’s assistant, and wife Mary (33)
  • 1901 - William Pullen (47), now a carman, wife Mary (44); William Bower (59), Elizabeth (54) retired

Almanac listings

  • 1880 - Office of the Vice-consul of Uruguay
  • 1886-1895 - E Voisin, solicitor; H E Le Vavasseur dit Durell, advocate
  • 1900-1910 - E Voisin, F A E Voisin, HM Solicitor-General
  • 1915-1920 - H E Le V dit Durell, Attorney-General, E Voisin, F A E Voisin, W Pullen
  • 1925-1930 - F A E Voisin, W Pullen
  • 1935-1950 - R E B Voisin, Carey and Co
  • 1960 - Voisin and Cruchy, Sun Insurance, London and Lancashire Insurance, Rights Company, Mount Pleasant Ltd, G I E Gruchy, Mrs Perchard
  • 1965 - Gruchy, Gibaut and Voisin; London and Lancashire Insurance
  • 1970 - Gruchy, Gibaut and Voisin; Royal Insurance Group
  • 1975 - Gruchy, Gibaut and Voisin; E E Tricot
  • 1990 - Guardian Royal Exchange Insurance

Historic Environment Record entry

Rare survival in town of a late 17th century building. The consistent height, proportions and materials of this row of early buildings is a fine enclosure to the north side of Royal Square. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Brett [2] refers to Nos 13 and 14 being built between 1676 and 1699 and 'forming the Patriarche's La Maison du Marché.' [3]

McCormack [4] refers to 16th century origins.

THree-storey with attic, three-bay. Front elevation: Slate roof, granite chimney with large cornice on east party wall, granite chimney on west has no cornice. Three box dormers. Original stone gutter tray, with iron gutter above. Flag pole at centre of first floor cill level.

Notes and references

  1. We are not sure how accurate this listing was. If the property referred to was the York Hotel, it was not in King Streety, but next door in Vine Street. But perhaps there was an annexe or staff accommodation at No 13. The next entry also shows an innkeeper living here
  2. Buildings in the town and parish of St Helier, C E B Brett
  3. This is presumably a reference to the Patriarche family. The Rev J A Messervy's history of the family refers to several of their properties, but fails to mention any in the Royal Square. Brett suggests that Nos 13 and 14 were built together (they are hardly a matching pair) and that Nos 15 and 16 to their east were built for Patriarche sons. Although the two volumes of Old Jersey Houses have passing references to the Patriarche family and to Royal Square properties, there is nothing connecting the two
  4. Channel Island Houses, John McCormack
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