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17 Royal Square


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No 15 is the second building from the right

Property name

15 Royal Square

Other names

  • The Peirson
  • The Pierson [1]


Royal Square, St Helier

A detail from a photograph taken in the 1880s, over a century after the Battle of Jersey: the name of the public house was still mis-spelt 'Pierson'

Type of property

18th century public house

Families associated with the property

Census returns - only listed in two

  • 1871-1881 [2] - George Brett (49), hotel keeper with 76-year-old widowed mother Mary
  • 1891 - John Parris (55) innkeeper, wife Elizabeth (53), daughter Amy (15)
  • 1901 - Robert Parris (29) publican, wife Sarah (32)

Almanac listings

  • 1874-1880 - G Brett, publican
  • 1886-1890 - T Parris, publican
  • 1895-1970 - R Parris, Mrs R Parris, publican [3]
  • 1975 - F Hook
  • 1980 - D Ellis
  • 1990 - Peirson Hotel
  • 2018 - The Peirson

Historic Environment Record entry

Rare survival of an early 18th century building in town. Historical association with the Battle of Jersey. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Early 18th century; top floor added in 1749. Until recently had exposed musket ball holes on exterior wall - Brett [4]refers to restoration of the original musket ball holes from the Battle of Jersey. Corner property at northeast of Royal Square, five-bay, four-storey, the top floor being a later addition. Front elevation: Top floor rendered, ground floor stucco, first and second floors exposed stonework.

Notes and references

  1. For many decades the business had this name, until islanders established how the name of their Battle of Jersey hero should be spelt
  2. The 1881 census gave all properties in the north east of the square wrong numbers. No 17 was shown as No 18
  3. Described as Peirson Private Hotel in 1970-1975
  4. Buildings of the town and parish of St Helier, C E B Brett

The Peirson and Cock and Bottle, next to each other in the north-east corner of the square
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