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Historic Jersey buildings

18 Royal Square


This picture, taken around the turn of the 19th century, when the premises were the Central Hotel, run by F Vincent, is believed to show States Members gathering in the square, either before or after an assembly

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No 18 - the Cock and Bottle - with the Peirson on the left

Property name

18 Royal Square

Other names

  • Cock and Bottle
  • Central Hotel
  • Cosy Corner


Royal Square, St Helier

Type of property

Former town house which has been a public house for nearly two centuries. It started out as the Cock and Bottle, became the Central Hotel in the late 19th century, then the Cosy Corner from about 1940, before reverting to its present name, Cock and Bottle

The pub has a back entrance on Halkett Place

Families associated with the property

Census returns

  • 1851 - Philip Romeril (51) carpenter, and his wife Ann (39)
  • 1861 - Cock and Bottle Inn – George Larbalestier (33) inkeeper, Harriet (23), Georgina (3), Philip (35), brother, draper
  • 1871 - William James (41), publican, with wife Jane (46)
  • 1881 - John Cooms (42) publican, widowed, living with daughter and son [1]
  • 1891 - Frederick Vincent (38), publican, Eliza (36), daughter Amy (16) and mother Fanny (79)
  • 1901 - Central Tavern: Alfred Porree (24) publican, Laura (24)

Almanac listings

  • 1874 - F Weymouth, publican
  • 1880 - J Cooms, publican
  • 1885-1895 - F Vincent, publican
  • 1900 - W Hall, publican
  • 1905 - A Poree, publican
  • 1910-1935 - J C Green
  • 1940 - Cosy Corner
  • 1950-1965 - Cosy Corner, G F Grandin
  • 1970 - F Seguss
  • 1975 - J M Willis
  • 1980 - B Bannon
  • 1990 - Cosy Corner
  • 2018 - Cock and Bottle

Historic Environment Record entry

Building of 19th century appearance but 17th century origins. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. Société Jersiaise archives show 1861 photograph of a three-storey building with a hood or awning over the ground floor frontage to the Royal Square, and name of 'Cock and Bottle'.

Corner property, one of a pair [2] defining the eastern boundary of Royal Square, three-bay, four-storey. Fourth floor added in late 19th century.

Notes and references

  1. All the properties in the north-east corner of the square were wrongly numbered in this census. No 18 was shown as No 19
  2. Nos 18 and 19 are adjacent buildings at the eastern end of the square but they have no architectural similarity and were built a century apart
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