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19 King Street


The first shop on the left in this 1890 photograph is No 19, home to Remon's tailors

The first known trader at No 19 King Street was draper M Barbet, in 1834. This may have been Marie Barbet, the illegitimate daughter of another Marie Barbet, or possibly the mother.

Shoe retailers Manfield were at No 19 from 1960 to 1990.

The premises would be home to drapers, tailors or men's outfitters for over a century.

The building

Although this building is of similar age to its neighbours, it does not appear to be listed and is not included in the Historic Environment Record.


The next known occupants in 1841 and 1851 were linen and woollen drapers Thomas Le Riche (1803- ) and Margaret, nee Le Masurier (1802- ), son John, still a scholar at 17, Thomas’ parents Philippe and Jeanne, nee Le Masurier, his brother Francis John, a housemaid and a cook.

By 1861 the Le Riches had left and linen and woollen draper James Remon and his wife Jane were the occupants.

Philip Le Sueur was trading as a draper and tailor in 1880. By 1885 the premises were back in the hands of James Remon, perhaps the son of the founder, because he remained in business there until 1930.

The Remons are not shown living at No 19 after 1861. The 1891 census lists Maria Anthoine, a dressmaker, probably living above the Remon shop.

Just before the Occupation The Man's Shop opened at No 19, to be followed in 1945 by Clarence de la Mare's outfitters.

In 1945 the business had changed to photography, with Sam Senett and Richard Whinnerah in partnership. By 1955 Mr Whinnerah was in business on his own, and five years later he moved to No 17 King Street next door, allowing No 19 to be taken over by Manfield shoes, which was followed after over 30 years by Dolcis shoes.


  • 1834 - M Barbet, draper
  • 1841-1851 - Thomas Le Riche, woollen and linen draper
  • 1861 - James Remon linen and woollen draper
  • 1870 - P Le Sueur, draper and tailor (including No 21)
  • 1885-1930 - James Remon tailor
  • 1891 - Maria Anthoine, dressmaker
  • 1940 - The Man's Shop
  • 1945 - Clarence de la Mare's outfitters
  • 1949 - Senett and Whinnerah, photographic dealers
  • 1955 - Richard Whinnerah, photographic dealier
  • 1960-1990 - Manfield shoes
  • 2000 - Dolcis shoes
  • 2010 - Vacant
  • 2012 - Holland and Barrett


The property, including 4 Vine Street, was sold in 2021 for £1,715,000

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