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Historic Jersey buildings

1 Royal Square


The Royal Court and adjoining buildings in the 19th century. The five-bay court building dates from 1769. It was replaced by a larger seven-bay building in 1866.

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This picture is believed to date from the early 1880s. The Union Hotel - No 1 - is the tall building on the right edge of the photograph. Closer to the camera, next to the man in the bowler hat, it can be seen that the building between No 1 and the Royal Court has been demolished above the ground floor, ready for the addition of two extra bays to the Court building, completed in 1866

Property name

1 Royal Square

Other names

  • Union Hotel
  • States Chamber


Royal Square, St Helier. The original numbering of properties in the south-east corner of the square is uncertain, but it is believed that the States Chamber was built on the site of the Union Hotel, which was at No 1. If the Royal Court is shown with a street number it is usually No 3. We believe that No 1, the Union Hotel, was the five-storey property, two buildings to the left of the Court. The buildings further along the row are believed to have been numbered 20 and 21 Royal Square and to have been demolished when Morier Lane beyond was widened and renamed as part of Halkett Place

1863 advert for the Unon Hotel

Type of property

Hotel in the 19th century, bought by the States as site for the States Chamber, which was first used in 1887


23 April 1881 the Public acquired the former Union Hotel, to the east of the Royal Court, from James Swain Gurney

Families associated with the property

Census returns

  • 1851 - Union Hotel, Philp Jeune (53), his wife Elizabeth (39( and son Afred (17), a sailor
  • 1861 - Union Hotel, Francis Prosser (42)
  • 1871 - Union Hotel, William McGee (55) hotel keeper, wife Catherine (52), one daughter and two sons, plus hotel staff
  • 1901 - Shown in this year's almanac as the Public Library, but this is an error

Almanac entries

  • 1874 - Union Hotel, W Mc Gee
  • 1880 - Union Hotel, W Marshall

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Outstanding group of government buildings, of exceptional historical significance. States Buildings and Royal Court, 19th century. Forming the south side of Royal Square, these imposing range of buildings were principally completed in 1866 to designs by Thomas Gallichan - and subsequently remodelled by Philippe Le Sueur and Philippe Bree in 1877.

To the east is the States Chamber, completed in 1887. The ground floor is of rusticated granite, with rusticated columns at the entrance to the chamber, surmounted by rendered Corinthian pilasters dividing five tall round-headed windows, and topped by a rendered pediment and heavy entablature. The building was formally opened on 21st June 1887.

The chamber is in Jacobean style with the benches arranged in horseshoe form around the twin seats of the Bailiff and Lieut-Governor.

The chamber was designed by Ancell and Orange with Jacobean style oak fittings, richly decorated carving, and mouldings made out of plaster of paris. Some of the mouldings incorporate the faces of cherubs and were made by P Le Riche.

The fine stained glass roof light in the corridor is decorated with the 12 parish crests surrounding the Jersey coat-of-arms.

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