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21 King Street


In this 1968 photograph No 21 is under the 'RAC' of Racing in the banner stretching across the street.

The building

Although the building is of similar age to its neighbours, it does not appear to be a listed building and is not included in the Historic Environment Record.

The first recorded trader at No 21 was corn dealer Daniel Deslandes, shown as aged 50 in the 1841 census, and living at the premises with his wife Mary (50) and children Henry and Mary. The couple had nine children altogether and the other seven had presumably left home by this time.

Le Sueur

Draper Philip Le Sueur appears to have had a successful business on the south side of King Street. In 1861, at the age of 46, he is recorded in the census at No 21 as a linen and woollen draper employing three assistants, seven tailors and two boys, and by 1880 he is trading from No 19, next door, and No 21. His business closed some time after this, however, because in 1885 No 21 is shown as occupied by stationer F Brooks.

There is some uncertainty about the extent of Philip Le Sueur's trading because as our page on No 19 King Street shows, he only appears to have traded there for a few years in the early 1880s, with the business run by James Remon either side of this period.

Philip (1814- ), of Trinity, was the son of Francois and Marie Le Sueur, and was baptised Philippe. He married Elizabeth Waldron, who was five years younger than him, and was the daughter of John, of St Helier. They married in 1842 and they had five daughters and a son - Elizabeth Sophia (1843- ), Philip (1845- ), Melvina (1848- ), Sophia (1849- ), Emma (1853- ) and Louisa (1856- )

In the 1891 census No 21 is shown as unoccupied, but this does not mean that the business did not continue. There may just have been nobody living above the shop.


  • 1837 - Daniel Deslandes, corn dealer and grocer
  • 1861 - Philip Le Sueur
  • 1871 - Census shows unoccupied
  • 1880 - Philip Le Sueur, draper
  • 1885 - F Brooks, stationer
  • 1891 - Not occupied at time of census
  • 1900-1949 - G and W Morton, bootmaker
  • 1955 - Manfield shoes
  • 1960-1990 - Esquire
  • 2000 to date - Swarovski
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