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Historic Jersey buildings

2 Royal Square


No 2 is believed to have been the low building between the 1789 Court building on the right and the taller Union Hotel on the left

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The Royal Court building in 1870. No 2 is on the left edge of the picture and was demolished to allow the addition of a further two bays to the court building

Property name

2 Royal Square

Other names

Royal Court


Royal Square, St Helier

Type of property

Town house and shop demolished in the 1860s for an extension to the Royal Court building


28 October 1843 the Public acquired a former house, directly to the East of the Royal Court, from Francois Godfray. This explains why the property does not show in census returns and almanac listings in the second half of the 19th century. The building must have been empty for four decades while the States were making up their minds what to do

Families associated with the property

  • Merchant Edward de La Taste and his family are shown at No 2 in the 1841 census, but it is by no means certain that this was the property bearing that number in later years
  • John Hicks (58) labourer with widowed daughter Eliza Giffard (25) and her daughters are shown living at No 2 in the 1871 census

Notes and references

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