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38 King Street
The building which disappeared


The building on the left making the corner of King Street and New Street had been known as No 36 for many years before this drawing was made in 1939

No 38 King Street is something of a mystery. It should make the eastern corner with New Street but after 1857 there are no references to it. It seems likely that road-widening at the time of the creation of the building which still stands on the corner today, substantially unchanged at street level, led to the elimination of No 38, the whole of the new building being referred to subsequently as No 36.

The 1841 census shows James Manning (35), a hatter, with his wife Fanny, nee Belford (35) and children Elizabeth (11), Louisa (7) and James (1). It is likely that James was born in Guernsey.

The 1861 census refers to 1 New Street/38 King Street and records that it was unoccupied.

These are the references which have been found to No 38 up to 1857.


  • 1834 - J Manning, hatter
  • 1851 - James Manning (49), hat maker and wife Fanny (46)
  • 1857 - Manning, hatter
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