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4 King Street


The Halkett Place end of King Street in 1911. The property on the right was George Cole's pharmacy, from 1885 until at least 1920. Further to the right, out of frame, was the building which made the corner with Halkett Place, No 1, which was also a pharmacy for decades

A picture from the 1930s, showing Burtons, No 4; Woolworth, No 6, and Noel and Porter, with the blinds, beyond. The picture clearly shows that there is a further property out of frame on the right, which became part of Burtons and has always been numbered 1 Halkett Place

No 4 King Street is the first property on the north side of the street, but it does not make the corner with Halkett Place. This property, for many years occupied by pharmacists Piquets, has always been included in Halkett Place. It was recorded as 1 Halkett Place until the last decade of the 19th century, when Morier Lane was incorporated into the street and the properties were renumbered.

Today almanacs show Burtons, which stretches some way from the corner in both directions, as occupying 2-4 King Street and 11-15 Halkett Place. What was previously known as 2 King Street on the opposite side - now the back entrance to the Peirson Hotel - has been renumbered 1a. We are not certain that this is an official renumbering, or just an attempt by almanac compilers to put all even numbered properties on the north side of the street. The change happened some time between 1940 and 1950.

The confusion between 1 Halkett Place and 4 King Street has undoubtedly been caused by the fact that both were occupied by chemists during the latter half of the 19th century, causing some to believe that they were the same property. However, almanacs and census returns make it clear that this was not so. 1 Halkett Place was occupied by the Aubin family from at least 1851, untill around 1885, when the pharmacy was taken over by Piquet and Sons, who were still there in 1930.

As the chronology below shows, 4 King Street, adjoining the corner shop, was occupied by a succession of chemists.

The building

Historic Environment Record entry: This prominent corner building is a good, and rare example in Jersey, of decorated Art Deco style.

Built in 1932 in the Burtons house style of the period. three bays to five, five bays to east. South elevation: Roof unseen behind parapet which is raised over central bay. Symmetrical facade in Art Deco style with Egyptian inspiration for the decoration. Central tripartite bay framed by geometric decoration and Ionic style pilasters. Window panels span first and second floors. Marble faced pilaster at west end of ground floor with inscription "This stone laid by Stanley Howard Burton 1932". East elevation: facade treatment same as south elevation with decorative framing around central three bays. Marble faced pilaster at north end of ground floor with inscription "This stone laid by Arnold James Burton 1932".

Occupants of 4 King Street:

  • 1834 - William Saunders, chemist (still present in 1841)
  • 1861 - Henry Allen, chemist
  • 1871 - Frederick D Alan (?) chemist
  • 1874 - Thomas Millais, chemist
  • 1880 - J Ereaut and Co Chemist
  • 1885, 1890, 1900, 1903, 1912, 1919 - George Cole, chemist
  • 1930 onwards - Montague Burton

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