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50 King Street


As can be seen in this 19th century promotional drawing, No 50, the right side of the tall building on the left, was the main King Street shopfront of A de Gruchy and Co

In 1851 surgeon John Fixott was living at No 50, which was yet to be acquired by Abraham de Gruchy. With him were his wife Ann, daughters Adela and Lydia and two house servants.

This suggests that the premises might still have been a private house. By the time of the 1861 census the family had moved next door to No 48. The Fixotts are something of a mysterious family. They appear to have settled in Jersey in the first half of the 18th century, with the arrival of Denis, who married Jeanne Grandin, but to have left or died out within little over 100 years.

In between we have an 1857 advertisement for Franklin's Fancy and General Repository, which also had a branch at 7 Library Place.

In 1861 No 50's occupants are shown as master bootmaker Abraham Hutchings (1826- ), who employed 12 men, living with his wife Arabella, and their son and three daughters. The family had arrived in Jersey in about 1855.


  • 1841-51 Dr John Fixott, GP
  • 1857 - Franklin's fancy and general repository
  • 1861 - Abraham Hutchings, bootmaker
  • 1863 - A de Gruchy and Co
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