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58 King Street


La Carousel, a fancy goods shop, was at No 58 in the 1970s

Advertising aimed at the French visitor: Briggs, Broughs and La Carousel 'the three most popular shops in King Street where your franc goes further

Resident families

In 1841 Philip Blampied, a carpenter, and several other families, were living at No 58 King Street, suggesting that it did not yet have a commercial use. In 1851 the heads of a number of households included a shipwright, a widowed annuitant, a washerwoman, two shoemakers, a dressmaker, a blockmaker and a carpenter.


It would appear, however, that Joseph Solomon (1811- ), an English tailor and outfitter, was conducting his business from the premises. He lived with his wife Rachel (1821- ), who was from Berlin, then in Prussia, and their children Samuel (1844- ), Priscilla (1846- ), Elizabeth (1847- ) and Benjamin (1849- ). The first three children were born in England and Benjamin was born in Jersey, although we have found no baptism record for him.


Tobacconist Charles Pluin (1810- ), his wife Mary (1812- ) and their children William (1850- ) and Margaret (1852- ) were living at No 58 in 1861. They were followed in 1871 by lamp merchant Charles Cabot (1840- ), from Trinity, his wife Julia Elizabeth, nee Fleury (1842- ), and their children Charles (1865- ), Julia Alice Jane (1866- ), Alfred (1868- ) and Clara (1870- ).

T Johnson, formerly Johnson and Simonton, took this photograph in 1885 while trading from No 58 as Jersey Photo Company

Public house

By 1880 the premises had become a public house, run by Alfred Henry Caplin (1847- ), and his wife Emily (1854- ) from Cornwall. They had an eight-year-old daughter Emily. Although the census states that Alfred was born in St Helier, he was actually born in the Isle of Wight, and came to Jersey at the age of about five with his parents William and Ann, nee Cowley.

Although Alfred's three younger siblings and is daughter were born in St Helier, there is no trace of their having been baptised.

The public house was short-lived, because an 1885 almanac entry shows No 58 as occupied by photographer T Johnson, and by 1891 it was occupied by Jules Cauvin (1862- ), a baker from France, with his French wife Caroline (1853- ). The census also shows 16-year-old Joseph Boule in the household, described as Jules' son-in-law, but possibly his stepson.

By 1900 No 58 was home to the confectionery business of John Cocks (1855- ) and his Jersey-born wife Emma (1857- ).

Clara and Muriel


John was in business at least until 1919, and was followed in 1920 by Clara Johnson. It is not known whether she had any family connection to photographer T Johnson.

Clara was born in Redhill, Surrey, in 1866, the daughter of Jabez and Elizabeth Wright. In 1896 she married Walter Johnson, who was about ten years younger than her, in London. In 1897 she gave birth to her only daughter Muriel.

Her husband died in 1900, followed by her father in 1908 and mother in 1910. About this time Clara moved to Jersey to take up a position as housekeeper at Government House.

By 1920 she was shown as a ratepayer at 58 King Street, running the confectionery business previously run by John Cocks.

The business was taken over by Gladys Baggs and her sister by 1925. By 1939 the business was described as St Christopher's cake and chocolate shop.


By the following year the Lexicon Library had opened at No 58. It would later move down the street to occupy larger premises at Nos 70 and 72. It was followed at No 58 by Baggs and Movie Snaps in the 1950s and Maison Hooper in the 1960s, before La Carousel took over the premises in the '70s, after which it was demolished to create the new Maison Le Riche Store, later Marks and Spencer.


  • 1841 - Philip Blampied, carpenter
  • 1851 - Joseph Solomon, tailor and outfitter
  • 1861 - Charles Pluin, tobacconist
  • 1871 - Charles Cabot, lamp merchant
  • 1880 - Alfred Caplin, publican
  • 1885 - T Johnson, photographer
  • 1900-1919 - John Cocks, confectioner
  • 1920 - Clara Johnson
  • 1930 - Misses M and G Baggs, confectioners
  • 1939 - St Christopher's cake and chocolate shop
  • 1940 - Miss J Lawrence
  • 1940 - Lexicon Library
  • 1949-1955 - Baggs and Movie Snaps
  • 1960-1965 - Maison Hooper and Movie Snaps
  • 1970 - La Carousel
  • 1980-1990 - Maison Le Riche
  • 2000- Marks and Spencer
1970s demolition, and Briggs at No 56 would be next
No 58 - La Carousel
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