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60 King Street


A pedestrianised King Street in the 1970s showing Briggs, which had taken over Broughs and was now the other side of the entrance to Metivier Lane from James Walker

The first business at 60 King Street for which we have a record is a Mr De La Rue, trading as a carver and gilder in 1837. The was followed by William Hater's confectionery in 1841. At the same time there were many households registered at the premises.

Cesar Benest

In 1851 the business had been taken over by Cesar Auguste Benest (1816- ) of St Brelade, son of Jean Benest and Marie Jacquemine Betfer, who was living at No 60 with his wife Susan, nee Cabot (1812- ) and employing four men. There is no record of the couple having any children. Alongside or behind No 60 was Barber's Lane, which was home to many families in cottages.


On the other side was Metivier Lane, named after the Metivier family which already occupied No 62.

By 1857 James Temple Metivier had expanded his drapery business from No 62 and he and his son Clement would remain trading at No 60 until well into the 1920s. He was head of household and the business by 1990.

Metivier's was followed by drapers W H Brough from the '30s through to the '70s, when the business, which had been taken over by Briggs, was closed and the property was redeveloped as part of the new Maison Le Riche, which is now Marks and Spencer.


  • 1837 - De La Rue, carver and gilder
  • 1841 - William Hater, confectioner
  • 1851 - Cesar Benest, confectioner
  • 1857 - James Temple Metivier, draper
  • 1861 - James Metivier, draper
  • 1880-1920 - Clement Metivier, draper
  • 1925-1970 - W H Brough, drapers
  • 1970s - Briggs, fancy goods
  • 1980 - Maison Le Riche
  • 2000 - Marks and Spencer
Looking west in the early 1970s. The start of A de Gruchy and Co is on the extreme right of the picture, with Briggs at No 60 beyond, with blinds out to shade window displays from the sun. The street has been pedestrianised but has still not been paved
No 60 - to the left of La Carousel
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