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61 King Street


In this picture taken in 1957, No 63 is in the distance in the centre, the first shop with a sunblind. Rue es Haguais, where No 61 was situated, was to its left. On the right is the extensive frontage of A de Gruchy and Co

No 61 King Street appears to have been demolished some time after 1910, to widen Rue es Haguais, which links the lower part of King Street to Broad Street.

At No 61 in 1851 there was a grocery, run by Philippe Renouf (1820- ) (he described himself as a ‘merchant grocer’), who was living there with wife Elizabeth, nee Luce (1815- ), daughter of Francois, daughters Mary Ann and Elizabeth and son Philip, and their servant Mary Lerivant.

Philippe was the son of Philippe Renouf and Jeanne Liott, of St Saviour, and his wife was from St Lawrence. Philippe and Elizabeth married in St Helier in 1842.

Ten years later this business had been taken over by Philip Thomas Le Conte (1839- ) and Anne (1835- ), and living with them was Philip's widowed mother Betsey Mourant.

It is not clear exactly when the Netton family's general oufitters business opened at No 61. William Henry Netton (1821- ) is shown there in an 1880 almanac listing, and although there is no record for No 61 in the 1881 census, he was known to be trading next door at No 59 in that year. The 1871 census shows three of his daughters resident at No 61. They were Maria (1850- ), Ellen (1851- ) and Matilda (1854- ), all shown as shop assistants.

The 1891 and 1901 censuses show nobody living at No 61 but in 1885 and 1890 the business was known to have been run by William Netton's widow Emma, nee Geech (1826- ). She was followed by P C Gallichan in 1900. He was followed by P E Gallichan, but after 1910, No 61 seems to have disappeared, perhaps demolished to widen Rue es Haguais, the opening through to Broad Street.


  • 1851 - Philip Renouf, grocer
  • 1861 - Philip Le Conte, grocer
  • 1871 - Maria Netton
  • 1880 - W Netton, general outfitter
  • 1885-1895 - Mrs Netton, general outfitter
  • 1896-1905 - P C Gallichan
  • 1910 - P E Gallichan
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