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70 King Street


The bottom end of King Street in 1965: The properties on the left side of the road are Nos 78 - Senett and Spears; 74 - Burnett and Co; 72 - Lexicon; and 68 - Ricki

What happened to 70 King Street?

This is one of four King Street premises which no longer exist - the others are Nos 38 and 61 and 76. Unlike the first two of these, No 70 was not a corner property.

At the time of the 1841 census, shoemaker Philip Gallichan and his wife Mary were living at No 70.

Ten years later baker Thomas David from Guernsey and his English wife Tamzer were in business at No 70, living with Tamzer’s two children from a previous marriage, Frederick and Tamzer . Also living at the property in separate households were master mariner John Gaudin and his dressmaker wife Jane; and watch maker Henry Lee, his wife Eliza, and son Benjamin, who had followed his father’s trade.

After this No 70 has disappeared from view, appearing in neither censuses nor almanac street listings.


  • 1834 - T de la Haye, boot and shoe maker
  • 1841 - Philip Gallichan, shoemaker
  • 1851 - Thomas David, baker
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