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8 King Street


The western end of King Street in the 1970s, by which time the number 76 was no longer in use, the property having possibly been merged with No 78 - Senett and Spears at this time

John Chevalier, a grocer, was trading at No 76 in 1833. He must have died by 1841, because his widow Mary, described as 'of independent means', was living alone at No 76 at the time of the census.

Draper James Sorel also lived alone there in 1851, but he must have been a prosperous businessman at 35, because he employed 14 males and females.

It had been thought that from 1851 onwards this street number was no longer used, perhaps because the property was merged with No 78 to create Rutland House, which is sometimes shown in King Street in almanac listings and census returns, but often as part of Pitt Street, or even Charing Cross.

Then we discovered the advert below for drapers Godfray, Falle and Co, indicating that business continued at No 76 into the 1850s at least


  • 1833 - John Chevalier, grocer
  • 1837 - Smith, silversmith or watchmaker
  • 1837 - Nicolle, milliner
  • 1841 - Mary Chevalier
  • 1851 - James Sorel, draper
  • 1852 - Godfray, Falle and Co, drapers

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