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9 King Street


Costumier Madame Peretz was at 9 King Street during the Occupation, when the Germans identified her shop as being under Jewish ownership

A picture from the 1980s, showing Nos 7 to 15 on the left
No 9

There is an 1837 commercial directory listing for 'Carey', a stay maker, at these premises.

The Burman family were in business as tobacconists at 9 King Street from at least 1841 until the 1870s. The business was first owned by George Burman, born in about 1806, and was later taken over by his son John Theodore.

George came to Jersey from England, and married Margaret Rolph in Grouville in 1838. The marriage record shows Margaret as being 'of St Helier', but there is no baptism record for her in Jersey and it is likely she was also born in England.

Large family

George and Margaret had a large family of 12 children: Margarita Henriette (1839- ), George Mark (1840- ), Charles Henry (1841- ), John Theodore (1842- ), Emily Jane (1843- ), William Frederick (1844- ), James Alfred (1845- ), Emma (1847- ), Walter Melbourn (1852- ), Octavius Herbert (1855- ), Edwin Herbert (1856- ) and Ada (1857- )

John Theodore married Isabella Susan Le Feuvre and they had four children: Isabella theodora (1867- ), Theodore (1868- ), Walter John (1869- ) and George Frederick (1870- ).

The tobacconist business was taken over by E Jones some time before 1880 and he was followed by H Goodread, and his son Herbert into the 20th century, before No 9 became home to a fruiterer's business owned by Edward Le Masurier.

Historic Environment Record entry

This late Victorian building sits well with its neighbour so contributing to the streetscape character.

Two-storey with attic, two-bay. Front elevation: cement fibre slate mansard roof with box dormer. Window is two-pane sash with horns. Walls are rendered with first floor framed by relief render and plain capitals. Windows are two-pane sashes with horns.

Chronology [1]

  • 1837 - Carey, stay maker
  • 1841-1861 - George Burman, tobacconist
  • 1871 - John Theodore Burman, tobacconist
  • 1880 - E Jones tobacconist
  • 1885 - not listed
  • 1890 - H Goodread tobacconist
  • 1900, 1903 - Frederick Goodread, tobacconist
  • 1911 - Edward Le Masurier, fruiterer
  • 1912 - Banana market
  • 1919, 1930 - Woolf Brothers
  • 1939 - Madame Peretz, costumier
  • 1945 - not listed
  • 1949 - Donald Neil
  • 1960-1990 - Holt and Co, luggage
  • 2000-today - Claires Accessories

Notes and references

  1. Many of the start and end dates given for businesses are approximate. As more business advertisements and other records are discovered the dates can be adjusted
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