Parish jurors in the 1309 Assize Roll

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Parish jurors in the
1309 Assize Roll

The Roll of the 1309 Assize, held before the King's justices in Jersey in the second year of the reign of Edward I, contains interesting lists of names common in the island at that time. It is interesting to note that the great majority of the surnames no longer exist, and that many of them cannot even be found again much later than the early 14th century

The Assize Roll was recorded in Latin, which creates some difficulty in the translation of names, but in this list of the 12 jurors put forward by each parish to participate in the Assize, the translation has been made as accurately as possible to reflect the names then in use in a French-speaking community. The translations made for the early 20th century publication by La Société Jersiaise used English versions of baptismal names where they exist.


Jean Gervaise, Richard Avice, Robert Herbert, Richard Desnee, Pierre Osber, Guille Horman, Thomas Esclenque, Michel Austyn, Clement Morice, Colin Le Graunt, Robert Horman, Michel Le Fevre

St Brelade

Colin Tilly, Guille Columb, Philippe Le Goupil, Nicolas du Jardin, Philippe Hamon, Jean Desert, Richard Le Conte, Pierre Gervaise, Philippe Gervaise, Guille Orange, Pierre Le Marquand, Philippe du Marais

St Clement

Richard Millais, Geoffroi Alexandre, Godefroi Vivenche, Guille Blancvilein, Guille Salemon, Geoffroi Le Bourdon, Alain Neel, Pierre Tullaund, Colin Fauvel, Stephan Blanchebarbe, Matthieu du Moutier, Matthieu du Chastel

St Helier

Guille Algare, Colin Le Gerentier, Ralph Le Heir, Ralph Galiene, Pierre Debonaire, Humfrey du Moutier, Pierre Tanquerey, Thomas Amiot, Guille Amyot, Jean Columb (son of John), Colin Wace, Pierre Boterel

St John

Regnauld Arthur, Robert de La Rue, Guille Le Gros, Roger Baudains, Philippe Le Jeune, Pierre Maret, Thomas Henry, Warin du Costil, Colin Angot, Robert Viel, Pierre Grosser, Pierre Hailles

St Lawrence

Pierre Burnof, Hughes Le Gros, Colin du Pont, Guille Cambreys, Richard Michel, Jean Michel, Richard Fraunceys, Jordan Le Neveu, Jean Hunfrie, Ralph Neel, Jordan Juliane, Geoffrey Hasteng

St Martin

Robert Noel, Colin Lucas, Thomas de Moutier, Robert Stephan, Guille de la Ville, Richard Le Blanc, Thomas Le Blanc, Jean Messervy, Geoffroi Le Chevalier, Robert Fortyn, Andre Le Veillard

St Mary

Guille Hamon, Guille Le Fevre, Pierre Estur, Regnauld Le Blanc, Guille Le Blanc, Richard Buryvynt, Colin Arcur, Guille Jordan, Richard du Chastel, Colin Neobey, Thomas Galichan, Colin Le Couteur

St Ouen

Philippe de Lecq, Hascoil Lucas, Ralph Anquetil, Robert Buffee, Jean de Graunteys, Laurens Huelin, Jean Uteng, Colin Pater, Jean Le Cornu, Jean Moraunt, Thomas Fouquerey, Jordan Burnof

St Peter

Philippe Le Mur, Pierre Le Bret, Gregoire Milon, Philippe de La Mare, Thomas Milon, Jean Canu, Regnauld Burnof, Godefroi Le Vesconte, Guille Richequer, Robert Benest, Thomas Anley, Jordan Gervaise

St Saviour

Pierre Philipe, Thomas Lael, Colin Guyot, Guille Arphast, Ralph de Roke, Ranulph Toytyn, Robert Poulain, Thomas Estur, Matthieu Le Veillard, Thomas Amy, Jean Falle, Jean Le Rous


Robert de l’Ecluse, Jordan Ascelyn, Robert Galie, Richard Laungere, Peter Le Gras, Robert Mauger, Guille Lesmitey, Guille Philippe, Guille Payn, Guille Le Chevalier, Guille Galichan, Richard Le Keverel

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