Philippe de Carteret, Bailiff 1661-1662

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Bailiff of Jersey 1661-1662
Sir Philippe de Carteret

Philippe was the son of a former Bailiff, Sir Philippe de Carteret and Anne Dowse. His own son, another Sir Philippe de Carteret, was to become Bailiff 20 years after his death

Philippe was born in 1620 and had a relatively normal upbringing, but he was part of the de Carteret dynasty which, with only a short break during the English Civil War, was to rule Jersey for 200 years. At the age of only 21 he was appointed Lieut-Governor by Sir Thomas Jermyn. His father, a staunch Royalist, fled to Elizabeth Castle in 1643 when threatened by a mass of militiamen whose sympathies lay with the Parliamentarians. He died there not long after and his widow and son remained at Mont Orgueil.

Later in the year Philippe's cousin Sir George Carteret returned to the island to oust Bailiff Michel Lempriere and take over as Bailiff and Lieut-Governor. The following year Philippe's mother died. In 1645 the Prince of Wales, the future Charles II, paid the first of two visits to Jersey and Philippe was knighted on the sands of St Aubin's Bay during a Militia review. On his father's death he had succeeded to the Seigneurships of St Ouen, Sark and Rosel.

In 1647 he was elected Jurat and appointed Lieut-Bailiff by his cousin, which effectively put him in charge of the Courts and civil administration while his cousin concentrated on the island's defence. In 1649 Sir Philippe married his first cousin Anne Dumaresq, daughter of Abraham Dumaresq and Susanne de Carteret, daughter of Philippe de Carteret and Rachel Paulet, who were also Sir Philippe's grandparents.

Sir Philippe's St Ouen Militia Company was the only one to stand up to Parliamentary troops when they invaded on 19 October 1651, but he was soon forced to join Sir George in taking refuge in Elizabeth Castle. He was handed over to the Parliamentarians as a hostage as part of the surrender negotiations and eventually went to London, where he remained until 1660 when the Restoration allowed him to return to Jersey. He resumed his role as Lieut-Bailiff and was appointed Bailiff on 26 Feb 1661 when Sir George resigned. He died in November of the following year.

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Bailiffs of Jersey
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Philippe de Carteret
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