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Sir Renaud (Reginald) De Carteret, Seigneur of Carteret, 1063-1125

Renaud de Carteret is first found in a charter, dated 1125, from the Abbey of Mont St Michel. He went on the first Crusade, 1096-1099, with Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy.

In the archives of Saint Lô there is a charter, dating from the first crusade, on which is found the Seal of Renaud de Carteret. This seal shows that during the latter part of the 12th century the de Carterets discarded their non-heraldic "equestrian" seal, and took into use the following arms:

Blazon of Gules, en Fess Three Fusier Argent, Etiqueter Azure. (Red Shield, a Horizontal Stripe with Three Silver Lozenges (fusils) with a Blue Label).

The Etiqueter Azure is a device of 'brisure' used by a first son. A label is removed on the death of the father, and the son inherits the plain coat. This proves that his father was still alive in 1099.

Renaud is accredited with taking the parish of St Ouen by the sword and founding St Ouen's Manor.

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