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St Peter Port Crest


St Peter Port is the capital of Guernsey as well as the main port. The population in 2001 was 16,488. In Guernésiais and in French, historically the official language of Guernsey, the name of the town and its surrounding parish is St Pierre Port. The "port" distinguishes this parish from St Pierre du Bois.

As well as being a parish, St. Peter Port is a small town consisting mostly of steep narrow streets and steps on the overlooking slopes. It is known that a trading post/town has existed here since before Roman times, the pre-Christian name of which has not survived into the modern era.

People from St. Peter Port, were nicknamed "les Villais" (the townspeople) or "cllichards" in Guernésiais.

St Peter Port is located on the East coast of Guernsey. It borders St Sampsons in the North, The Vale in the North-West, St Andrews in the West and St Martins in the South.

Government and Administration

Town Church


Church of England


  • Ebenezer Church (Brock Road), Brock Road formerly Brock Road Methodist Church
  • Ebenezer Church (St George St), St George Street
  • Wesley Methodist Church, Le Grand Bouet
  • St Peter Port Methodist Church, Les Cotils
  • St Paul's Methodist Chapel, Ann's Place

Roman Catholic

  • Notre Dame du Rosaire, Burnt Lane
  • St Joseph & St Mary, Cordier Hill

Church of Scotland

  • St Andrews in the Grange, The Grange


  • Eldad Elim Church, Union Street


Secondary Schools

  • Elizabeth College, The Grange
  • Boys’ Grammar School, Brock Road
  • Girls’ Grammar School, Rosaire Avenue
  • Ladies College, Les Gravées
  • Guernsey College of Further Education, Route des Coutanchez

Primary Schools

  • Amherst Primary School, Amherst
  • Vauvert Primary School, Vauvert
  • Notre Dame Primary School, Burnt Lane

Leisure & Entertainment

  • Beau Sejour Leisure Centre, Amherst
  • Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery, Candie Gardens
  • Priaulx Library, Candie Road
  • Guille-Allès Library, Market Square
  • Cambridge Park
  • Osmond Priaulx Memorial Playing Fields, Foote’s Lane
  • St James Hall - Concert and Assembly Hall
  • St Pierre Park Golf Course
  • Guernsey Yacht Club
  • Hauteville House – home of Victor Hugo

Ancient monuments



  • Channel Television
  • BBC Radio Guernsey

Parish Subdivisions

  • St Johns
  • Fort George

Major Roads

Old Family Houses

  • Maison Carrée, Rue Chasse Vassal
  • Castle Carey
  • Les Cotils
  • Beau Sejour
  • Government House


The main Fiefs of Guernsey in the parish of St Peter Port are:-

  • Fief Le Roi
  • Fief de Rozel
  • Franc Fief de St Martin




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