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Generation 3: Had no idea about the mge of Francois TOUZEL and Marie PELGUE but with a bit of checking found the following - which I believe may be the first child: 1634, St C - Guillemine fe Francois TOUZEL (Elie PELLEGUE et Judith la mere dudit Francois) I think Marie may be the mother? No idea about Elie though.

Generation 3:Jean Pelgue (1608- ) m Jeanne Binet ( -1681) - I had a burial for Jean (1608) in December 1608 - Jean fs Jean?

I wonder if there some baptisms not listed? There is Rachel md Jean ANTHOINE – 1st and only child Katherine, – GP Marie FALLE vve Jean PELGUE. poss remge to Nicolas FILLEUL (St C bapts – 1st child Jean PELGUE de St S et Elizabeth FALLE)

Generation 5: Marie Pelgue (1672- ) – longshot md Phle LE MAISTRE

Generation 6: dau of Jean Pelgue (1679-) md Sara Le Breton Dau Sara bapt 1705 died 1718/19 Dau Marie (1710-) may have married Thomas AUBIN - no issue poss burial as Marie PELDIE vve Thomas AUBIN 1761

Generation 7: This tree has Jean (1741) md to Susanne DOREY - I have him buried as an infant 1740/41. Jean and Susanne's first son was bapt Trinity and identifies Marie MOURANT femme Jean as Grandmother Marie Pelgue (1742-1755) added death date Charles Pelgue (1750-1759) added death date George Pelgue (1756-1768) added death date Marie Pelgue (1759-1759 ) twin added death date Margueritte Pelgue (1759-1820 ) twin – md 1779 Phle Vivian - see Poursuites criminelles register - Archives ref d/y/G1/1/380 Charles Pelgue (1761-1768) added death date

Generation 6: 6 Jean Pelgue (1728- ) md Susanne DOREY (as mentioned above) 6 Marie Pelgue (1730- ) The above two are the first two children of Jean PELGUE and Marie MOURANT (2nd mge)

Generation 7: 7 Francoise Pelgue (1770- ) md Charles GRUCHY

Generation 8: 8 George Pelgue ( -1798- Now 1799) – cannot find baptism for this child – the burial states 2 May 1799 in Register (prev said 1798 in Jerripedia – amended)

Generation 6: 6 Marie Pelgue (1720- ) - did she marry Philippe PELGUE as per earlier part of tree?

Generation 3: 3 Thomasse Pelgue (1609- ) md (1638) Jean TOUZEL Their first born Marie (1639 St C) has Jean PELEGUE et sa femme, de St Saviour Thomasse may be buried as Thomasse TOUZEL 1658, St C. There are no Thomasse TOUZEL's that I am aware of around that timeframe.

Additional Elizabeth PELGUE

There is an Elizabeth PELGUE who married Jean MARET/MARETT 1684 (believe he is son of Josue MARETT and Catherine CABOT.) The only possible Elizabeth is bapt. 1662 fe Jean - but no idea how, if she fits, into this tree. She is buried Jan 1729/30, St S

dau Elizabeth has GPs: Jean PELGUEL et Marguerite, sa soeur. The only match for these GPs I can find are children of Jean PELGUE and Jeanne BINET - but their daughter Elizabeth is too old to have married Jean and had all their children... unless Elizabeth fe Jean 1662 is a later daughter of Jean and Jeanne?

son George has GPs: Jean PELGUE et Sara FILLEUL fe Jean (Sara is the cousin of George dau of Sara MARETT and Jean FILLEUL)

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