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The reason why it became known as Le Ponterrin is mentioned in ABSJ 1905 p 337

The article suggests that the fact that generations of Seigneurs of the fief of Ponterrin lived here gave rise to the name, but this does not quite answer the question of why the road in which it stands is also known as Rue du Ponterrin. Normally road names came before the names of houses located in them. The ABSJ article indicates that there was no link to Ponterrin until the 17th century. It says that Philippe Falle bought the fief in 1641. But this cannot, as the article says, be the Philippe Falle whose initials appear on a 1745 datestone. Regardless of the sequence of events, it is probable that the house was identified as 'the house of the Seigneur of Ponterrin', because individual properties did not actually have names until much later. The subject is covered in more detail in the Jerripedia page - Ed

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